Renewables and Pools: A Summer Treat

If you’ve got a pool and want to make the most out of the last of the summer sun, the savings available from an Air Source Heat Pump might be quite enticing. Take a peek at the article below about the right renewables for the job:

With summer upon us and long overdue breaks being desperately sought, what better way to relax by the pool than by knowing that it’s being heated via an efficient, cost effective and renewable system? Be it Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs), Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) or Solar Thermal, an environmentally friendly solution is easier than you might think, according to Justin Broadbent, MD of isoenergy.
Rather than specifying a system similar to traditional gas or oil boilers, which switch on and off, reducing efficiency and increasing costs and wear, isoenergy designs the systems to be working at 80% of their capacity to heat the pool. This ensures that the system runs consistently, consuming less energy. For example, for a 10m x 10m pool with an average depth of 2m, the yearly savings by using a heat pump are £2600 vs natural gas, £3000 vs Oil, £5600 vs LPG and a whopping £6600 vs electricity.

To install the most appropriate system for your needs and to ensure that heat pumps garner a reputation for efficient and reliable green energy, it is important to abide by a series of principles that we recommend to anyone thinking of heating their pool.

Outdoor pools are better suited to ASHPs because it results in a simpler system, with a more direct transfer of heat. Also, the higher air temperature in summer and the lack of any recovery time means that it is the most efficient solution.

Indoor pools are better suited to a GSHP, although it is important to oversize the amount of ground collectors, especially if the system is also heating the property. During the summer, it is also possible to draw heat from the house and place it into the pool, helping to cool the house. Furthermore, a well designed system can distribute energy to other specific areas in the property. This is not limited to pools, and can include wine cellars and saunas for example.

Justin Broadbent has consistently extolled the virtues of insulation in houses, and it is no different with pools. In new builds, to make the pool an efficient thermal store, we recommend insulating around and underneath the pool itself. Much as heat pumps thrive on well insulated, consistently heated homes, the pumps thrive on an efficient pool.

Solar thermal now also provides a viable heating solution for a pool. A pool can be heated by a set of panels only 40% of the size of its surface area. Solar technology is one of the fastest advancing areas of renewable technology and now includes panels specifically designed for pool heating.

Once installed, the system can provide extra peace of mind knowing your pool is an efficient and green addition to your heating system. For more information call 01293 821345 or click here.


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